[Activities] Landscapes with a corpse



This is a corpse of me, who died of studying for too many midterms simultaneously at CSULB.

[Artist Interview Wk15] Sophia Dao

She majors in painting and she had relatively small paintings in the gallery where others were on huge canvases. When I asked her why she used small canvases instead of big ones, she said she didn’t have enough room to work in and big canvases are hard to pin. She started paining from 2008 and she was going to major in music until she was in high school. Surprisingly, she plays violin and drum, and she does photography and sculpture, and she even writes. She’s talented in art in many fields. After she graduates, she likes to teach later.


[Classmate Interview Wk9] Lauren Weaver

She grew up in Long Beach and went to Wilson High School. After she graduated she went to a couple of different city colleges before CSULB. Just like me, she’s a senior and graduating this semester and both of us are exiting about that. Her major is in American studies with minor in women gender and sexuality studies. After graduation, she plans to teach elementary or middle school students, so she needs teacher credentials, but at least she feels good that graduation milestone is behind her.

She has two dogs and she likes to travel when she has free time. She works at the Crab Pot but when she doesn’t work, she likes volunteering for the environment. She also enjoys art; she likes painting and sketching. She learned a lot from this ART110 course.


[Classmate Interview Wk10] Maddie West

Maddie is 18 years old freshmen at CSULB. She studies psychology and minoring in fashion merchandising, which is amazing, if you think about the relationship between the two. As hobbies, she listens to music, sings and sews. She also has played soccer for 12 years. She’s a member of Sigma Kappa sorority and if she has spare time she likes to hang out with friends.

She is from North Cal but her parents moved after she graduated high school, so she is forced to call Hawaii her home!

[Classmate Interview Wk11] Mariya Houdek

Mariya is biology major freshmen at CSULB. She hopes to work somewhere in the medical field but she’s not sure, but she’s thinking of ER. Currently, she works at Ralph’s. She works almost 30 hours a week which gets overwhelming, since she’s taking full-time units at school. Thus she spends most time of weekends studying. She has two younger brothers and an older sister who goes to Minnesota State University. She lives in Anaheim. If she doesn’t work and study, then she loves to go hiking.

[Classmater Interview Wk15] Arlette Pacheco

Arlette is 19 years old CSULB student with undeclared major, but she’s thinking of majoring in FEA. She lives in Huntington Beach and grew up with one younger brother and one older brother. She also works at school for after school programs. She does like teaching.

[Classmate interview] Alfredo Garcia

Alfredo Garcia is 18 years old freshman at CSULB. As hobbies he does biking, skating, playing video games, playing basketball and soccer. Of course, he enjoys watching sports on TV as well. His favorite team is the Lakers. He also watches That 70s Show and How I Met Your Mother.

He is also a barber. First he tried to learn off YouTube which helped a bit but his own barber thought him techniques, improving his skills in cutting hair. He also learned how to cut his own hair. He uses two mirrors to see his back of head. As a result, he has not gone to a barbershop in two years which has saved him lots of money.


[Classmate interview] Mario Ayala

He’s 20 years old and he’s studying math. He lives in La Palma but he’s moving to Long Beach in this summer. He was born in Ecuador but moved here when he was 5. He grew up in Lakewood and went to Mayfair High School. He likes watching most sports and he even plays soccer. He loves listening to music but doesn’t play any instruments. He also likes to draw and thinks he’s fairly good at it. He works as a graphic designer for the magazine his dad founded and he’s starting his own business now training younger kids at improving their soccer skills. He likes some aspects of this class and mostly how interactive it is.

[Artist interview] Esteban Ramirez

His artworks were very interesting. He had many ‘animated’ photographic works where it looks like photos but parts of them were actually moving. Without any doubt, he is interested in video and photography and therefore he likes animated movement. He’s been professional for seven years, and he’s been shooting since second grade. He used night time for long exposure and he can handle many kinds of cameras and he shoots outdoor all the time.


[Classmate interviews] Christian Hunter

I interviewed Christian Hunter, a junior year in economy major. And just like me, he’s taking this class as an elective. He chose his major because he didn’t know what else to choose and frankly he doesn’t like it so he expects to change it soon. He’s actually looking to get master’s degree in architecture. As hobbies he draws, jujitsu, and play airsoft.Image